ENGL 757/857 Digital Comp, Lit, Ped

Summer 2015 Pre-term, May 18-22, 8:30-4:30, Leo 202
Course website via: www.sherwoodweb.org


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Friday -

AM01 - Discuss D_H readings:

"Provocations" Part 04, pp. 100-120
15. Multiliteracies in the Undergraduate Digital Humanities Curriculum Tanya Clement
4. Digital Humanities and the First-Year Writing Course Olin Bjork
Fyfe, Paul. “Digital Humanities Unplugged,” Digital Humanities Quarterly. 5.3: 2011.

9:30 AM - Course Evaluation

AM02 - Presentations - Visualization Mini-Project (Voyant)

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PM01 - Presentation Pedagogy Essay / Project Proposal

PM02 - Final Discussion of DH implications ...

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Final Project Submission - Fri, May 29n

There are a number of options for final projects, including Twine multi-linear texts, Omeka sites, and Voyant Visualizations.
Below, please place the link or links to your "revised" final project opposite your name. You should include a brief, summative blog post - with a link.
And you should include the link to your project (Omeka/Voyant) or upload of your Twine. If you are submitting Twine, you will upload and attach it as a file to this page.

Final Project Page - Update Here