1. Up and Running- An Overview of How and When to Use Omeka:
    Functional StepsOmeka sample assets
    1. Install theme
    2. Install plugins
    3. Create items and attach files (images, docs, etc.)
    4. Create collection(s) and assign items to an appropriate collection
    5. Develop a Tag Set
  2. Create an Exhibit
    1. select appropriate page layouts
    2. add items to the chosen page
    3. create additional pages, grouping items, and adding text

  3. Choose your theme, content area, etc.
    1. Collect a relevant and legal group of images and texts
    2. Guide to Public Domain Image and Text Searches - Public Domain Review

  4. Evaluating your Omeka project
      • Have you uploaded "assets" that are interesting, useful, or meaningfully related?
        Do you have an exhibit? (or several)
      • Are you using multiple pages in the exhibit?
      • Have you organized your items ?
      • Have you given thought to the user experience (choosing what kinds of browsing, which featured items, etc. appear on the landing page, hiding items you are not using)?
      • How have you provided some interpretive insight on the items
      • ---------------------------------
      • Revisit some featured Omeka sites. Do their methods of organization and presentation give you any insights into ways to further revise your project?
      • Check out some of the Omeka mini-projects created by IUP Students last semester