Final Project Submission - Fri, May 29n

There are a number of options for final projects, including Twine multi-linear texts, Omeka sites, and Voyant Visualizations.
Below, please place the link or links to your "revised" final project opposite your name. You should include a brief, summative blog post - with a link.
And you should include the link to your project (Omeka/Voyant) or upload of your Twine. If you are submitting Twine, you will upload and attach it as a file to this page.

Link or Links
Kenneth Sherwood
My Final Project
Nouf Alaamer

Mikiel Ghelieh
Saving One Another

Issam Aldowkat
Tariq Al-Soud
Nations, Colors, and Race

Jill Hummel
The Medea Project
Nouf Almroani
My Passion

Peter FazianI
Write Yourself Poem

Wejdan Qumayri
Rufaydah Bineid
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology
My blog link :
Cara Chanoine
Post-Sappho and Pre-Plath: Premodern Poems by Women
Omeka link:
Blog Link:
Beshaier alqahtani
My words in lines!

Revised Twine
Derwishe's Book.