Marie Laurie Ryan

Instability - signs vary
  • What are the complications and problems/opportunities in teaching this?

Performativity - (role of reader) not merely an authorial performance, also a readerly performance.
  • Do we need new skills?
  • How do we think about reading/criticism (if what we bring as readers/performers reshapes the text)?

Teaching Opportunities / Challenges
  • What do students do with this? And how does the active reader role effect what they do?
  • Is this compatible with the ways we teach literary reading? Could it change the ways we teach literary reading (in positive or negative ways)?
  • IFs "teach" us to be flexible, responsive readers
  • What kinds of students and classes are suitable?
    • Generational differences?

Rereading? What kinds of engagement does a multi-linear text invite?

Literary Text or Game (or both)
  • IFs make inferences explicit, a kind of interpretive activity.
  • IFs/games are "instructive"

Reader Response / Interaction
  • Are we freed by being "co-creators" or restricted?
    • In an IF, we can work towards "ends" of our choice ....