Tuesday - Digital Networks / HyperTexuality

  1. AM01 -Discuss blogging, multi-linear texts, writing and literature in a networked environment
  2. AM02 -Workshop - Multilinear Narrative - Twine
    Twine Uploads (login)

  3. PM01 - Discussion of Jackson and Short
  4. PM02 - (Continue discussions, in-class "Twine time")
    • or ... How to Use Google Docs
    • Uploading to the Class Wiki

Some key ideas about Hypertext predate the web. See Ted Nelson, who invented the term, writing in the early 1970s

HW: Read and blog a response (to one of the two articles).

  • Gold, Matthew. Looking For Whitman: A Multi-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy. DH Pedagogy.
  • Read Drucker web pages: Introduction and Analysis of DH Projects.
    • Then, choose one site from the list at the end of the page; google it; and post an overview to your blog. "What makes it an exemplary DH project?" I may ask you to share it with the class during discussion.
  • Prepare your twine project for presentation tomorrow! (You might post a brief paragraph about what you were aiming to do. You should be able to attach it as a file to your blog! If not, I'll create a page on the wiki).