IUP I Blog - a local wordpress service:

  • Create a blog (or revisit your old one).
    • (Your blog address will be iblog.iup.edu, followed by your four letter username (ex. http://iblog.iup.edu/ntbv/)
    • You can make a special request for a second blog if you've used this before and want to keep your old one. But I am fine with you adding onto it.
  • Customize your theme (add widgets)
  • Edit your Tagline,
    • Go to Dashboard / Settings / General Settings
    • replace "Just another Indiana University of Pennsylvania Sites site" with: "ENGL757857-Su2015"
  • Under "dashboard/setttings/reading" make sure you allow "Search Engines to Index this Site"
  • Compose and publish your first brief post -- "The Promise of Digital Humanities for me."
    • Flag it with the category "ENGL757857-Su2015"
    • View it online (to make sure it published)
    • Check out a classmate's post and comment
  • Overview of Blog basics:
      • Post vs. page
      • Category, tag
      • Feedback via "comments"
  • Use the "reader" to find and follow your classmates' blogs.
      • (IUP's blog service includes a web based feed reader. A feed tracks the most recent content of a given blog. We'll try to use this reader. If, however, you end up following many blogs, you will enjoy using an RSS feed manager likehttp://feedly.com/i/my which also has a free mobile app.)